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What is the Method for Removing Harmful Substances From Wooden Pallets?

Jul. 08, 2021


Wooden pallets are widely used in the transportation industry and are reflected in the efficiency of various logistics links (such as processing, storage, transportation and packaging). How to maintain wooden pallets and how to remove harmful substances in wooden pallets, let's take a look below.

Wooden Pallets

Wooden  Pallets

Wooden pallets contain harmful substances, how do we remove harmful substances from wooden pallets, such as fungi, which is one of the common harmful substances. The growth of fungi has certain environmental requirements, suitable growth temperature and sufficient oxygen, nutrients and moisture. If you want to remove fungi, you need to follow this principle for wood preservation and quarantine. Using natural wood drying kilns under hot, humid and warm conditions will not only destroy the growth of fungi, but is also one of the appropriate methods.

The method of removing harmful substances in wooden pallets: one step is the drying, dehydration and shaping of the log material, that is, reducing moisture, eliminating the internal stress of the wood, making the wood structure denser, preventing the wood from becoming moldy, and achieving long-term goals. Long-term storage of pallets. The second is to cut the slats according to the dimensions required by the wooden pallet drawings. You can use a panel saw to cut the slats. The planer is used for planing, deburring and sanding to make the board more tidy and smooth. In three or four, nine squares are arranged in three rows at equal intervals on the bottom plate, and then they are assembled with pallet professional nails. Now there are special pallet nail guns, and the nails are also threaded nails to prevent them from falling off. Then arrange the nails into a triangle for reinforcement; then, on the other hand, 3 pry plates are also fixed at the bottom of the cushion block to complete the frame of Wooden Pallets.